PDR Training Courses

PDR training for small dents and big dents.

Dent Discount is the #1 ranked PDR company in America now provides beginner PDR Training courses. This training course is for those of you looking to build from the ground up. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the PDR field; this course is aimed for those who have little to no experience working with PDR. Our beginner PDR training course will be entirely hands-on, working side by side with a specialist. You will learn about tools of the trade, including which ones are best for various scenarios. Furthermore, you will learn basic paintless dent repair, such as smaller/simpler dents or that are on side or top panels. Horizontal/vertical crease dents will be covered in our intermediate program. Once you complete our training you’ll receive a certificate of training.

You Will learn:

  • Mini PDR light or Full size shop light.
  • Positioning the Dent light.
  • Reading the Dent in conjunction with the PDR light.
  • Demonstrating proper leverage.
  • Left hand or right hand Tool grip.
  • Finding your PDR tool in the reflection.
  • Working with high points from tool tip.
  • Learning different tool tip techniques.
  • Different size and shape tips.
  • Open access repairs.
  • No access repairs.
  • Repair minor Dings and Dents.
  • Honing in on crosschecking.
  • Executing deep Dents.
  • Discuss Dent shrinking boxes.
  • Proper technique for Crease Dents.
  • Removing High Crowns.
  • Plastic versus Steel knockdowns.
  • Plastic hammers or Steel hammers.
  • Dent repair on Body Line’s
  • Finding access points for tools.
  • Dent repair on doors, quarter panels, and fenders.
  • Working with Hot Glue and Cold Glue .
  • Speed techniques on glue tabs.
  • Discuss Lateral tabs benefits.
  • Discuss benefits of porter power versus screw tab lateral pulling techniques.
  • Proper hand techniques for the tab placement and glue gun.
  • Polishing and cleaning dents.
  • Show wet paper technique.
  • Discuss mobile unit.
  • Steel versus plastic tool carts
  • Mobile and Shop business tips.
  • Pricing apps to maximize your earnings.
Tool placement and reading the light.
Learn blending techniques.
Finished Big Dent training.
Learn how to use PDR glue tabs
Learn how to remove deep dents.

Once you complete our training you’ll receive a certificate of training.