Dent Discount has become so established in the paintless dent repair field that we now provide beginner PDR training courses to bring new workers and life into the field. This training course is for those of you looking to build from the ground up. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the PDR field; this course is aimed for those who have little to no experience working with PDR. Our beginner PDR training course will be entirely hands-on, working side by side with a specialist. You will learn about tools of the trade, including which ones are best for various scenarios. Furthermore, you will learn basic paintless dent repair, such as smaller/simpler dents or that are on side or top panels. Horizontal/vertical crease dents will be covered in our intermediate program. Once you complete our training you’ll receive a certificate of training.

PDR training for small dents and big dents.
Tool placement and reading the light.
Learn blending techniques.
Finished Big Dent training.
Learn how to use PDR glue tabs
Learn how to remove deep dents.